Hegsons Desiogn Consultancy Ltd and Subsiduaries have a hands on approach and have a wealth of experience and commercial awarness that they have brought to various projects over the years.

Civil & Infrastructure Engineering

Our expert staff have undertaken various infrastructre design schemes in the UK, Ireland and overseas incorporating flood Studies, SuD's design highway's design, access road and junction improvement shemes,  

Structural Engineering

Our expertise has been used to develop preliminary layouts, outline and detailed design for civil engineering and major building schemes. We have been involed in providing services for refurbishment, building modifications and change of use developments. This has involved detailed structural design for earthworks, retaining structures, major commercial developments, retail developments and mix use developments.

Transport & Environmental Engineering

Our expert staff have undertaken various  transport planning assessments, traffic engineering designs and road safety audits to support planning applications for residential,commercial,and industrial developments. Ancillary environmental services have been provided including, flood risk assessments, contamination assessments, noise and air quality assessments to support the planning process and development.

Health & Safety

Our expert staff have undertaken and provided information in various sectors along with the provision of manual and people handling training.

Project management

Our expert staff can provide specialist project management expertise across the life cycle of civil, infrastructure and structural engineering projects and management of engineering projects.

For more information and details are available on PDF downloads, please see solutions page.

Engineering & Planning Services

Civil & Infrastructure Engineering

Transport Planning & Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Architecture Planning Support Services

Structural Engineering

Flood Studies (FRA's)

Safety Audits (RSA's)

Project Management


Our expertise includes:

Development feasibility & pre-investment studies

Developement appraisals & planning

Economic development advice

Conceptual scheme planning & design

Pre-planning consultation & negotiations

Planning policy

Urban /town centre regeneration & planning

Masterplanning & public realm strategies

Transport assessments & travel planning

Traffic engineering, access/junction design & modelling

Swept path & autotrack analysis

Road safety audits

Sustainable transport & travel behaviour studies

Traffic management plans

Noise & air polution assessments

Geotechnical geochemical studies

Flood risl assessments

SuD's drainasge assessments

Civil & structural engineering

Structural surveys - structural interrogation & anayysis

Environmental studies

Construction management plans

Conservation engineering

Temporary works

Public consultation & inquiries

Expert witness & planning appeals

Legal agreement preparation

Health & safety - manual & people handling training

Project managment

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